Culture Through Comedians

Recently I’ve been watching comedians on Netflix, Spanish speaking comedians to be more exact, and it’s so fascinating watching them talk. I speak Spanish myself, but it’s still interesting hearing how these Spanish comedians talk based on the country they’re from and noticing how the cursing is relatively the same.

Then it occurred to me.. finding comedians in your target language.

With comedians you get a bit of everything;

  • the slang
  • the speed of native speaker
  • the accent
  • their culture [references they make about life in their country]
  • current events [politics]
  • the amount of cursing they do
  • talk of Japan and their toilets [a few have done this lol]

Here are a list of comedians if you want to check it out on Netflix:

Note the language shown is what they’re speaking.

  • Sofia Niño de Rivera [Spanish, from Mexico]
  • John Mulaney [English, from America]
  • Fabrizio Copano [Spanish, from Chile]
  • Lucas Lauriente [Spanish, from Argentina]
  • Beppe Grillo [Italian]
  • Rafal Banas [Polish]
  • Michal Leja [Polish]

These are just the ones I found on Netflix, but feel free to mention comedians you like from your country! I’d love to check them out. ^^

Original post done on Tumblr.


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