Culture Through Comedians

Recently I’ve been watching comedians on Netflix, Spanish speaking comedians to be more exact, and it’s so fascinating watching them talk. I speak Spanish myself, but it’s still interesting hearing how these Spanish comedians talk based on the country they’re from and noticing how the cursing is relatively the same.

Then it occurred to me.. finding comedians in your target language.

With comedians you get a bit of everything;

  • the slang
  • the speed of native speaker
  • the accent
  • their culture [references they make about life in their country]
  • current events [politics]
  • the amount of cursing they do
  • talk of Japan and their toilets [a few have done this lol]

Here are a list of comedians if you want to check it out on Netflix:

Note the language shown is what they’re speaking.

  • Sofia Niño de Rivera [Spanish, from Mexico]
  • John Mulaney [English, from America]
  • Fabrizio Copano [Spanish, from Chile]
  • Lucas Lauriente [Spanish, from Argentina]
  • Beppe Grillo [Italian]
  • Rafal Banas [Polish]
  • Michal Leja [Polish]

These are just the ones I found on Netflix, but feel free to mention comedians you like from your country! I’d love to check them out. ^^

Original post done on Tumblr.


Hello Again!

I’ve changed the name various times, but I’ll be sticking with this name now.

It has been a long while since I’ve posted on this blog. A lot of things has happened, I graduated a year ago, been struggling with finding a job though I’m doing some freelance work here and there. I’ve been working on personal projects and working on improving my skills altogether.

One of the main things, however, is I began to learn a few languages despite not being in school anymore. Russian, Japanese, French, Italian, and Portuguese are the ones I plan on focusing on though I may add more later down the line.

Content to look forward to:

  • Language related posts [resources, vocabulary lists, and whatever comes to mind]
  • Writing Prompt Drabbles [I enjoyed doing this, and will probably use these as a warm up]
  • Artistic Writings [I draw up something and add some kind of story to it]
  • Poetry [It’s the main piece of content for this blog anyway]

I’ll keep the updates to a minimum, but I’d like to get the ball rolling with this blog again.

If I could tell you all the thoughts running through my head would you turn the other way and run, too?

Or would you care to take the time to listen to all these hopes and fears?

I stay silent as these thoughts go on a rampage in my mind.

Countless conversations, interrupting thoughts, all eventually going silent as I think of you.

A silence as calm as the sea I’m drawn to the sounds.

The water lightly moving to and from the shore line as the birds are heard in the distance.

Though as the sight fades, the Sun going out of view, I find myself with my thoughts once more.

Forgetful Sometimes

At times I would forget about you. I’d forget you even existed for a short while.

Few things trigger the thought of you and the memories come flooding back in.

I’d forget why I stopped talking to you and begin to miss you.

It’s not until I slowly realize the reasons why I stopped. A part of me questions whether I’ve forgiven you or not and the answer is… yes. I think by this point.. I have.

But it doesn’t make me want to see you again now that I realize my life is better without you.

There’s no denying what we had and a part of me longs to go back to those days. But eventually the longing stops and I move on without you in my life.

Get Up

No amount of motivational quotes, or positive thoughts can get me out of bed.


Sometimes I physically can’t move. I lay there like a rock for minutes maybe hours at a time.

I need to move. I know this, but I struggle with the movements of my body.

It feels so foreign as I lay there contemplating the mere thought of getting up.

Eventually I get the strength to move my body bit by bit and go about my day.

Nights Like These

It’s always at night I do my thinking. The silence, the soft breeze of the fan lightly brushing against my skin, and to top it off the sounds of soothing music; it’s all so peaceful. My mind wanders and becomes restless.

I try to stop myself from this, but I can’t help it. Topics, and conversations that go through my head sometimes on repeat tire me out.

But then…

There are those times where I dream. I dream of a better tomorrow, and a even better future. And by then I’m asleep.

The Piece of String

“I don’t feel the same way, but we’ll see what happens.”

Is this your way of giving me hope? A small string to hold onto as I wait?

I’ve heard the words before and it never did end well for me. I didn’t wait too long to realize this wouldn’t be worth it.


I couldn’t move on. I thought I did, but truly I never did. I may never will.

In the back of my head I still held on to those words, this small string of hope you gave me. I hold on in hopes of something that may never be because I see you’ve moved on and I’ve been left behind.